myfriendpaul (myfriendpaul) wrote,

80s are cool.

This site is weird. There are some things you just shouldn't post. Oh well. If you wanna put it out there for all to read, more power to ya! I'm just not such an open book, as you guys have figured out.

I didn't puke last night! But Holly did! Haha. I can't talk. Apparently I'm a pissed cunt. Or so Richard and Will said this morning. But then I tackled both of them in the field so life goes on.

I switched rooms but I don't have a key. So if you guys wanna steal stuff....

And I heart the following.

~Jenny dressed as a slut.
~Leah dancing to "The Gambler" like Madonna.
~Megan. Period. Just Megan.
~Rhys doing a Russian accent.
~Holly. Even when she can't complete the 'walk 5 steps by yourself' challenge.
~Becky. Even when I shove that bitch aside because she's trying to corrupt my pal Holly.
~Liz blinking like she's in headlights.
~Jon in a porn star mustache. Axil?
~Katie. I love her period! And she's a cock block.
~AND BOB! What a guy!
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