myfriendpaul (myfriendpaul) wrote,


I don't think that Pinnacles is spelled right. Oh well. I was supposed to go to Auckland with LVC this weekend, but that fell through.
This PAST weekend I went tramping with friends in the Coromandel. Fun, but Canadians are definately annoying. They kinda have this 'better than Americans' thing going on. But they're ALLOWED to be ignorant because they're not Americans. It's confusing.
And we had Jon's party last night. We wrote poems. They were retarded. Like us. We are a retarded bunch.
I may or may not feel left out of the Rhysome Threesome. It's the Rhysome Threesome....and Paul....
And the kid in D.1.09 doesn't exist! I WANT OUT OF B BLOCK!
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